Black Friday

In the past 'Black Thursday'

Black Friday is approaching fast, and hopefully everyone has planned their schedules to accommodate being at the Capitol on January 21st! A lot of prep work leading up to Black Friday is going on, including supporting Legislators in their own districts, (such as participating in Veteran Cemetery Honor ceremonies), conversing with Legislative Assistants, (LAs), and reviewing our bill presentation strategies.

Appointments are sadly only virtual this year due to pandemic policies, so make a virtual appointment, call, email, whatever you can do to make your voice heard, and your opinions known.

One of the most common reasons members give on why they don't attend Black Thursday (this year known as BLACK FRIDAY) is that they feel uneasy or too uneducated about how to present ABATE's issues to Legislators, but there are a few things to keep in mind here: 1) Legislators are just people too, and they don't expect their constituents to be well versed in legislative language. 2) Presentation materials are provided for anyone who meets with a Legislator. 3) A review session is usually held the previous evening to help prepare members on how to present our issues.

Remember, there are many ways to help make Black Friday a success - not just discussing our bills with Legislators. Since it is always better to have more than one person attend an appointment, you could simply sit in on a meeting and see how we handle them, you could help keep things organized in the staging area (Columbia Room) or, you could join the motorcycle ride-in and show up at the Capitol steps for speakers and photos. It helps to have as many motorcyclists as possible participate in this, even if you don't stay for the rest of the event. If you have never been to Black Thursday because you feel you can't speak with Legislators, then please consider helping out in other ways. Those who have attended Black Thursday events have always given positive feedback about their experience.

Black Friday Agenda

Please visit our Documents and Forms to find more information about our legislative packet other beneficial information regarding our legislative efforts. Or download the Black Thursday Packet here.

The current itinerary is COC led ride-in leaving Hawks Prairie Casino at 10:00 am. Speeches on the Capitol steps beginning at 10:40.

We have several speakers, including Senator Emily Randall, Rep. Drew McEwen, and Rep. Jim Walsh.

Due to COVID restrictions, we will not be allowed to speak to our representatives. PLEASE reach out to your Senators and Representatives, and ask them to support our lane sharing bill. HB1106 (House Bill, for the Reps) and SB5622 (Senate Bill, for the senators. Call, or email. (If you email, make sure to put in the subject line that you want them to support our bill, and give the bill number.)

Every person that calls or emails counts as 10 VOTERS. Let’s make ourselves heard. If you do not know who your senator and or reps are, you can find all the information on You can also comment on the senate bill using the button below. (HIGHLY recommended that you do this as well.)

Current Bills 2022

Lane Sharing

• increase motorcycle safety and congestion relief on freeways.

• offer options for motorcycles to negotiate their position on congested freeways.

• reduce chances of rear-end collisions to motorcycles in stopped traffic.

• alleviate rider fatigue and motorcycle overheating for motorcycle riders.

• offer congestion relief by allowing motorcycles to move out of traffic.

SB 5622 - 2022

Modifying the operation of motorcycles on roadways laned for traffic.

Sponsors: Sheldon, Conway