What Is A.B.A.T.E.

A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments

ABATE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the Freedom of the Road. Ensure your freedom by fighting anti-bike legislation and promoting fair motorcycle legislation. ABATE does not advocate that you ride without a helmet when the law is repealed, only that you have the right to decide.

The structure of ABATE is very basic: Members. Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting freedom of choice, whether you own or ride a motorcycle, or not. The wishes of the members are carried out by their elected board of directors in their local chapter, or through their representatives to the state organization. 

Goals and Purposes

• To keep bikers and members informed through our monthly newsletter and the media.
• To encourage motorcycle enthusiasts to register and vote.
• To promote safe riding habits.
• To encourage favorable legislation for bikers.
• To provide monthly meetings, events, runs, contests, and community action projects. 

The History of ABATE of Washington

ABATE of Washington started out as just ABATE, an extension of what was being done in California and a few other states. Lou Kimzey along with others of Paisano publications saw the need for a motorcycle rights organization, which they called ABATE standing for A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments. Their idea was to get members in every state because the only way to get something accomplished in any legislation was by having the numbers. This is where we come in. Around 1975 a member of the Outsiders M/C Gordy, and an acquaintance Shawn brought the idea to Washington and started by enlisting the help of fellow members of the Outsiders M/C. There in the Outsiders club house was the beginning of ABATE in Washington. It then spread out to the independent riders and other clubs around Washington. At this time there were no chapters, it was just the state. The State Coordinator was H.K. (Howard Kummar) a member of the Outsiders M/C, State Deputy Coordinator was Greg Walker, Treasurer was Lowell Magoon, and Secretary was Harold Corley, these were our first state officers.

Near the end of 1978, ABATE in Washington started becoming ABATE of Washington. Enter Jerry Westfall. Jerry was the first elected state coordinator. On Super Bowl Sunday in January of 1979 ABATE had a meeting at the Sherwood Inn in Federal Way. At that time, they decided to become ABATE of Washington and to become incorporated. Also, at this meeting, they decided to make ABATE of Washington a chapter run organization rather than just a state organization, so this is where the chapters started. The first chapters after becoming incorporated were: Seattle Chapter, Bremerton Chapter, Vancouver Chapter, Mason County Chapter, Tacoma Chapter, Auburn Chapter, Lewis County Chapter, Olympia Chapter, Grays Harbor Chapter, Tri-Cities Chapter, and Bellingham Chapter. On March 21, 1979 ABATE of Washington became a 501c4 not for profit motorcycle rights organization. This is our official birthday as ABATE of Washington. In 1980 ABATE of Washington hired a lawyer to help create a set of bylaws and policies. These are virtually the same bylaws and policies we use today. This is only the beginning. There will be more to come.

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