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August 2009 ECOMM Meeting Minutes

by Secretary 22. August 2009 23:00

ABATE of Washington

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

August 23, 2009


Call to Order: 11:22 AM                                               

Pledge of Allegiance: State Sergeant at Arms – Mike McCarthy was not present 


Roll Call

Officers:                                                                                          Chapter Reps

(P) Coordinator- Mick Gillispie                                             () Position 1 – Open 

(P) Secretary- Rona Smith                                                    (P) Position 2 - Ed “Top” Baker

(P) Treasurer- Koeta Imhof                                                   (P) Position 3 – Lyle Coyle

(A) Eastside Deputy Coordinator – Ron Voss                    () Position 4 - Open

     (P) Westside Deputy Coordinator – Dutch Phillips            (P) Position 5 – Mike Rutter

(P) Ambassador At Large – Mike Campbell

(P) NCOM Ambassador – Chris Dulas


Agenda Changes:   Motion to approve agenda with modifications, MSP


Acknowledgments: Mike Middleton


Officer Reports


* Insurance Renewal update

* distributed Spoke Certificates



* Submitted June 2009 minutes for approval, MSP

* motion to reimburse the State Secretary for late mileage reimbursement, MSP

* motion to reimburse the State Secretary for mileage for STEAM location facility, MSP

* motion to reimburse the State Secretary for Membership Booth expenses, MSP



* Distributed Financial Reports.

* Discussed policy clarifications and modifications 5.4.2, MSP


Event Reports 2009: Ron chairs

             * Fall Swap Meet – on track

* STEAM – on track

* freedom run t-shirts discussed


Committee Reports: Westside Deputy Report: Dutch chairs -

* Bylaw – Chris is on track with his  

* Communications – Mike discussed changes and improvements.

* Legislative – Donnie updated us on Black Thursday, discussed information video.

  Toll and modified helmet bills and parade permit, share the road signs on roads.

   Proclaim May future Freedom Rally

* Membership – Bruce was not present

* Newsletter – Chris gave update

* Products – Roxy was not present

* Public Relations – Don was not present

* Quartermaster – Jay was not present

* Webmaster – Mike spoke earlier


Ambassador At Large:

* gave report on the Spokane 100 years. ABATE was thanked by a Lewis County

  member for information to fight a helmet ticket.


NCOM Ambassador:

* spoke about a lawsuit by a Mongrel member. He would like to post the information on the web and have copies available for  STEAM

* September 12th COC is hosting a non patch protest ride in Everett.

* October 17th, open ride into Portland for the NCOM Regional 8:45am meeting at the most south rest area. He would like to post both of these on the web.


Chapter Representatives:  

Position 2- Ed gave chapters and events update for his area. He gave us an update on Lenny, he is doing well. Top mentioned the ECOM dates are conflicting for him.

Position 3- Lyle gave us updates. Spoke about motorcycle endorsements.

Position 5- Mike gave us an update on his health condition and his treatment. Nothing new to report for his areas chapters other than event updates. Thank Mike Campbell for helping with the new chapters.


Unfinished Business:

        None brought forward


New Business:

1. motion to table banner purchase due to artwork and price quotes, MSP


BOD Agenda:

     1. nomination awards

     2. citation committee and chairman NB


Good of the Order: Discussed future products.

Action Item Assignment: Chris – policy modifications, chapter multiple bank accounts, chapter/state check, spring opener art work requirements post in newsletter, STEAM flyer.

Dutch – itemize sp op sponsorship.

Rona – assemble 35 committee charter workbooks for STEAM

Ed – call freedom run t shirt people.

Adjourn Time: 5:15pm

Submitted By:  Rona K. Smith

                        ABATE of Washington

                        State Secretary


Date of future ECOM:  11: A.M.   

Motion to cancel the September ECOM, MSP /1                                     

November 1, December 6.


Schedule of Meetings & Events 2009:

 September 13 – Fall Swap Meet Enumclaw, October 2-4 STEAM/BOD Shelton



Meeting Minutes

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