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July 2009 BOD Minutes

by Secretary 10. July 2009 23:00

ABATE of Washington

Board of Director’s

Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2009


      Sergeant at Arms: Mike McCarthy 

Call To Order: 12:50 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call








Central Washington


Kittitas County


Pacific County


Clark County


Lewis County


Rat City


Columbia Gorge


Mason County


Sky Valley


East Pierce County


North Kitsap


Sno King


Grant County


North Olympic


South King County


Grays Harbor


North Snohomish




Independence Chapter






























Eastside Deputy Coordinator




Ambassador at Large


Westside Deputy Coordinator




NCOM  Ambassador


A = Absent       E = Excused      P = Present     T = Tardy     V = Vacant                                                     21+ 6



Chaplains Blessing: None offered

Acknowledgments:  None offered

Agenda Changes: Motion to approve agenda with additions, MSP Motion to suspend agenda, MSP

Motion to ratify Inland Empire Chapter, MSP. Motion to ratify NE Washington Chapter, MSP.

Motion to return to agenda, MSP

Officer Reports :

Coordinator- Mick Gillispie

·         Mick asked for any chapter or committee chairs to give him any contracts they may have to sign on behalf

 of ABATE of Washington prior to signing so he can send to Marty Fox to look over first.

* Report on the issuing of helmet tickets during the Spring Opener weekend and options to contest the tickets.

* State Secretary Election Results – Rona Smith  

* Motion to certify election results as valid, MSP

Secretary - Rona Smith   

* Submitting April ‘09 BOD Minutes for approval with one correction, MSP

* Distributed Chapter Compliance Report

Treasurer – Koeta Imhof

* Distributed Financial Reports

* Distributed Quarterly Reports

Motion to authorize Koeta to transfer funds from a checking to savings account, MSP

Lyle presented Tacoma Chapters Legislative Contribution of $900.00.

Ambassador At Large - Mike Campbell

* Bellingham, Tri Cities, and Wenatchee area have people interested in being members, but are

in need of the leadership needed to run the chapters. 


NCOM Ambassador - Chris Dulas 

* Discussed motorcycle helmet check points and some legal cases. Spoke about the NCOM National.

* October 17 NCOM Regional.

Event Reports or Updates : Eastside Deputy Coordinator Report & Chairs the Meeting – Ron Voss

  International MC Show 09 – December 11-13 Motion to participate this year, MSP

  Black Thursday 2010 – January 21. Chris is working on the overnight accommodation location.

  Discussion regarding helmet and parade RCW violation, Motion to table legislative action, MSP

  Fall Swap Meet 09 – Rona handed out the advertising packages for the chapters to distribute.

  Freedom Run 09 – Ed gave his report and the date of May 22, 2010

  Spring Opener 09 – Ron gave report. Motion to use same location next year. MSP

  Fall Bash ’09 – Since the swap meet is only one day….we won’t be having the event.

  STEAM ’09 – Mike gave an update on new location, and the events of the weekends.

   * Categories – Nominees no input brought, Mick will mail. Chris asked for topics for discussion

Committee Reports or Updates : Westside Deputy Coordinator Report & Chairs the Meeting- Dutch Phillips

Bylaws – Chris Dulas presented the following. Motion to add the ABATE acronym article definition, MSP

Motion to approve changes to 5.3.1 and 5.3.2, MSP

Communications – Rick Ward was not present and will be resigning

Chaplain – Ranger Ric was not present

Legislative – Donnie Landsman was not present

Membership – Bruce Ramsey was not present, Mike gave the statistics.

* Current 1343, Grace Period 140, & 90 day New Member Status 172  Total = 1655

Rona distributed the new member information tri folds. Motion to be included with the new member pack, MSP

Newsletter – Chris gave his report on new changes, mailing labels and locations, and wasted newsletters.

Parliamentarian – Darcy had nothing new to report, she explained to the new chapters what she does.

Products – Roxy Kelly was not present

Public Relations – Don Cuda was not present

Quartermasters  Jay Frasier was not present

Safety & Education – Lenny Pletsch gave an update and gave the new chapters S & E information and

Darcy reported on what Olympia chapter has been doing with their S & E programs.

State Audit – Darcy had nothing to report

Webmaster – Rick Ward was not present and will be resigning

Unfinished Business:

1) Hearing Committee – Motion to go into Executive Session, MSP

Motion to adjourn Executive Session and return to BOD, MSP

2) Committee Charter, not prepared.

New Business:

1) BOD Agenda Notification, Motion to change bylaw 3.2.3 to be submitted at October’s BOD’s meeting,  MSP

2) BOD Dates 2010. 1/16/10 – Olympia Chapter, 4/24/10 – no host, 7/31/10 – Koeta, 10/3/10 – Mason County, MSP

ECOM Meetings 2009 11:AM       

July 19, meeting canceled, August 2, September 6, October 4, November 1, December 6


BOD Meetings 2009 12:PM  except October = 10AM

October 4th


Scheduled Events 2009

September 13                 Fall Swap Meet – Enumclaw

October 2 – 4                  STEAM/BOD –

December 11-13             International Motorcycle Show - Seattle


Good of the Order:    Mike wanted us to know of his health condition. Various chapter events.

Announcements:       none

Adjourn Time:            5:21 PM      

Submitted by:            Rona K. Smith, ABATE of Washington, State Secretary


Meeting Minutes

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