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January 2009 BOD Meeting Minutes

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ABATE of Washington

Board of Director’s

Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2009



Sergeant at Arms: Mike McCarthy, Motion to appoint Mike, MSP

Call To Order: 12:05 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call








Central Washington


Mason County


Sky Valley


Columbia Gorge


North Kitsap




East Pierce County


North Olympic


South King County


Grays Harbor


North Snohomish




Independence Chapter






Kittitas County


Pacific County




Lewis County


Rat City



19/6 = 25

























Eastside Deputy Coordinator




Ambassador at Large


Westside Deputy Coordinator




NCOM  Ambassador


A = Absent       E = Excused      P = Present     T = Tardy     V = Vacant



Chaplains Blessing: Catfish from the Christian Crusaders led us in prayer, Ranger Ric is

    recuperating from surgery and is doing well.   


Acknowledgments:  Motion to suspend agenda for new chapter charters, MSP

* motion to grant Clark County charter, MSP 11/3/7

* motion to grant Grant County charter, MSP

  motion to return to agenda, MSP


Agenda Changes: Motion to approve agenda with modifications, MSP


Officer Reports :

Coordinator- Mick Gillispie

  * spoke about the E-Chapter guidelines and the Committee Chair workbook he would like to utilize.

* encourages all to assist in reactivating inactive chapters.

* some future ideas…Chapter Representatives not being Chapter Coordinators and each Chapter

   to have two votes.


Secretary - Rona Smith   

* Submitting October ‘08 BOD Minutes for approval, MSP

* motion for ABATE to reimburse Rona up to $100 for her (broken) printer used since 10/06, MSP


Treasurer – Koeta Imhof

* Financial Reports

* Quarterly Reports


Ambassador At Large - Mike Campbell

* nothing new to report

* happy to mention the amount of new chapters


NCOM Ambassador - Chris Dulas 

* attended the COC this past week.

* upcoming events May 2 – COC Poker Run, May – NCOM National at Sparks, NV. Possible pack run.

* invited the COC to Black Thursday.

* Fund Raised for Pig Pen February 21


 Unfinished Business:

  1. State/Chapter event insurance, more discussion. Pacific County agrees to be a test subject  so

  we can move forward with more chapter event coverage.

 2.   Tri-Cities Chapter, Motion to revoke charter, MSP


 New Business:

      1. State Executive Officer Nominations 2 year positions -

          East Side Deputy Coordinator, Ron Voss - Secretary, Rona Smith & Glenyce Jackson

         Treasurer, Koeta Imhoff - NCOM, Chris Dulas. Motion to close the floor to nominations, MSP

         * Motion to seat unopposed, MSP

         * Teller Committee – Kittitas, CWC, and Lewis County Chapters. Alternate is CGC.

         * Motion to seat Mike McCarthy as State Sergeant at Arms, MSP          

      2. Spring Opener Art Work, two submitted by EPCC, one came in color with blue background

           that can be edited as needed. Discussion to replace the eagle with a motorcycle.

           Motion to table the vote till after the Spring Opener report, MSP

           Motion for State Treasurer to disburse the $200 new Chapter start up funds to

            the new chapters  MSP

      3. Create Position/By-Law Change, State Management Deputy Coordinator/Vice President (pg3), MSF

          Motion to charge the ECOM to prepare a committee charter defining the duties and responsibility

           to present to the BOD, motion to amend to remove the word ‘charter’, MSF. MSP

      4. Membership Booth, CWC – motion for $400 for the 100 Years of Motorcycle Tour, MSP

      5. N. Kitsap – motion for $100 ad for the Ride & Rally for the Cure sponsorship, MSP


 Event Reports or Updates : Eastside Deputy Coordinator Chairs the Meeting – Ron Voss

 * International MC Show December 08 – Mike

 budget – not available yet. membership – 3 new, 1 renewal. products – we were not able to sell as a MRO

 * Black Thursday January 22, 2009, Olympia – Gwinwood and Capitol update.

 * Spring Swap Meet, March 29, Monroe. Rona handed out posters and flyers for the coordinators

 to distribute in their communities.

 * Freedom Run – May 30. Ed gave update and asked for volunteers to organize area legs.

 * Spring Opener 09, June 18-21 – Ron gave the update and we discussed a deadline for dealing with

 their committee. Art work design was chosen, but to include some adjustments to come to the ECOM

 Motion to have Klickitat County grant a non revocable permit by January 27, 2009 or we go back

 to Toppinish, MSP  


Committee Reports or Updates : Westside Deputy Coordinator Chairs the Meeting- Dutch Phillips

Newsletter – Ron Fryer encourages chapter members to attract other riders and welcome them

into ABATE of Washington. Ron gave an update on the feedback from the color issue. He encourages chapters to get advertising for the local business in their communities. Those ads will fund the color

editions for our newsletter. In fact he challenges each chapter to do so in time for the next BOD.



Bylaws – Chris Dulas (pg 4-6)

Motion to change the Ambassador positions to non-elected Officers, MSF 13/8/2

Motion to change the Officer titles from Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator to

President and Vice President, MSF 16/6/1

Gave the instructions to update the changes to By-Laws (pg 7-9)

Communications and Webmaster – Rick Ward combined his two committee reports.

Communications – He is getting a lot of email address bounces and asks the Coordinators to

have the Chapter Membership work on updating the members email address.

Web – Rick would like to have a member update hot button on the website, so they can update

their info and that will go to Bruce and he will verify. Lots of changes and upgrades on the website.

He thanks Dutch for his help and he thanks everyone for submitting their content. Did Q & A

Chaplain – Ranger Ric was absent

Legislative – Donnie Landsman has changes to the bills on our agenda and would like the support

 of the BOD. He would like more help from the Chapter LAO’s for this session and in the future.

Motion to strike words relating to mandatory helmets in 46.37.530 and replace with the words stating

that there is no helmet law statute in Washington State. MSP

Motion to include motorcycle rentals, 46.37.535, MSP

Motion to add words to 47.56.830 “50% reduced toll’ amend to include sidecars and trailers in

47.56.830, MSPMSP amend to $0 toll, MSF

Membership – Bruce Ramsey

* Current 1230, Grace Period 91, & 90 day New Member Status 101, total 1422

Lewis County is the largest chapter, EPCC is 2nd and Tacoma is 3rd largest.

Parliamentarian – Darcy Mugartegui has nothing to report.

Products – Roxy Kelly asked for volunteers for spring opener

Public Relations – Don Cuda has acquired a reader board at no charge. He would like to

include congratulation cards in the Black Thursday folders. His goal is to contact the news stations

for upcoming state and chapter events.


Safety & Education – Lenny Pletsch introduced himself to the new chapters and explains how he

promotes safety in the school programs. Adam informed us about the Riders Edge program in EPCC.

Security – Looking for more security volunteers for Spring Opener.

State Audit – Darcy will send an email to the chapter treasures regarding audits

Webmaster – Rick Ward gave report earlier.


ECOM Meetings 2009 - 12:PM    Locations TBD   

February 1, March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7, July 19, August 2,

September 6, October 4, November 1, December 6


BOD Meetings 2009 12:PM  except October = 10AM

April 25 – Lewis, July 11 – CGC, October 18 – Gwinwood – hosting chapter?


Scheduled Events  2008 - 2009

March 29                    Spring Swap Meet – Monroe

May 30                        Freedom Run - Olympia

June 19-21                 Spring Opener – Goldendale

September 13             Fall Swap Meet – Enumclaw

October 17-18            STEAM/BOD – Gwinwood


Good of the Order:  Olympia Toy Run 10,000 bikes, $100,000 in toy donations. Thanks to all.

                                   Dutch would like to see more media next year.

Announcements:      Kittitas Bike Show May 3. Southwest Mountain Jam April 18.

                                   Raffle winner is Rona.

Adjourn Time:           5:20 PM        

Submitted by:           Rona K. Smith, ABATE of Washington, State Secretary












Meeting Minutes

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