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September 2008 ECOM Approved Minutes

by Secretary 26. September 2008 23:00

September 2008 ECOM Approved Minutes


ABATE of Washington

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

 September 27, 2008


Call to Order: 12:41pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call


(P) Coordinator - Mick 

(P)Secretary - Rona

(E) Ambassador at Large - Mike

(P) E. Dpty-Coord - Ron

(P)Treasurer - Koeta

(P) NCOM Ambassador - Chris

(P) W. Dpty-Coord - Dutch







Chapter Reps

() Position 1 – Open

(E) Position 2 - Ed

() Position 3 - Open

() Position 4  - Open

(P) Position 5 - Michelle



Acknowledgment of Guests:

* Lyle Coyle & Scott Robinson, Motion to appoint both as Chapter Representatives

  and confirm at the October BOD, MSP

Agenda Changes: motion to approve with modifications, MSP

Officer Reports :

· Coordinator :

* Mick updated us on upcoming events.

* discussed State Sergeant at Arms position. Mick spoke to him at the Fall Swap

   Meet to ask him to make a decision.

· Secretary :

* Submitting August ‘08 minutes for approval, MSP

* decided to keep the September 09 ECOM date and have it at Don’s

   house even though it is a holiday weekend.      

· Treasurer :

* Financial Reports distributed.

* Tax ID # discussion, reimburse the computer shop the sales tax for repair.

   check with a CPA and Department of Revenue

* soliciting charitable contribution letter discussion – motion to not respond to the

               Charity Registration – State of Washington, amended to include to also educate

    the chapters on this issue, MSP

·   Ambassador At Large :

            * Mike is attending the Meeting of the Minds.

·   NCOM Ambassador :

           * Chris will be attending two upcoming meetings in October and November.

           * Mick asked about protocol on communication between ABATE and Clubs.

Chapter Representatives:

     Position 2 Ed  is recovering from minor surgery, no report.

     Position 5 Michelle gave us updates on her area and those chapters.

     N. Olympic is interested in being part of the Freedom Run Committee, but has not yet

     received a response from the committee chair.

     Position 1 Scott’s areas is growing, He is pleased with the new Independence

     Chapter. He also is looking into how to get Tri-Cities area going and also the

     Spokane and Walla Walla areas have great potential for new chapters.

     Position 3  Lyle spoke of the upcoming events in his area and how 3 local chapters

     are working together for a Halloween Party. He will be attending the Rat City Chapter.

Committee Reports or Updates – Dutch

* Bylaws – discussed some future bylaw changes.

* Communications – Rick was not present.

* Legislative – Open, Mick spoke about some for Black Thursday issues.

* Membership – Bruce was not present.

* Newsletter, December demo, motion to pay for color issues, MSP 7/1

  Chapter Reps to receive the newsletter via email for their areas information, and

  then report to Dutch with changes or corrections.

* Products – Roxy was not present. Mick spoke a bit on new chapter patches. Rona

   asked for clarification as to which t-shirt press was to be auctioned, the large one.

 Event Reports or Updates – Ron


   motion to pay for N. Kitsap chapter, for up to10 for lodging and meals, MSP

* Black Thursday – Reserved January 22, 2009, Gwinnwood is reserved…lodging fee

   has increased and last years flyers have been updated for 09.

* Spring Swap Meet – March 29, have chapters distribute swap meet ads in their areas.

   Look into prices for color ads and small flyers vs using the state copy machine.

* Freedom Run, look for committee at October BOD

* Spring Opener – new location in Goldendale. Discussed the repairs for Toppinish.

   Motion to commit to and advance committee $900, MSP

* Fall Swap Meet, income was as great as previous & spectator count was as high as others.

  motion to reimburse Tacoma chapter’s vendor spot, MSP

Unfinished Business

 * none brought forward

New Business

1. Envelopes for New Member/Accidental Death, Mick has not brought the sample

envelope as instructed for approval from the ECOM. He has instructed Bruce to do it anyway. Ecom instructed Mick to bring the sample envelope to the next ECOM for approval.

2. State Funded Travel Request – motion to grant request, MSP 4/4 – Mick in favor

Date of future ECOM:  12:PM               Locations TBA                                       

November 29, December 20, January 4, February 1, March 1, April 5, May 3

June 7, July 19, August 2, September 6, October 4, November 1, December 6.

Schedule of Meetings & Events 2008 2009

* October 18-19                  STEAM/BOD Gwinwood

* December 12-14              International Motorcycle Show

* January 10                       BOD

* January 22                       Black Thursday

* March 29                          Spring Swap Meet - Monroe

* April 25                             BOD

* May 30                             Freedom Run

* June 19-21                       Spring Opener  

* July 11                              BOD

* September 13                   Fall Swap Meet - Enumclaw

* October 17-18                  STEAM/BOD

Good of the Order:

Adjourn Time: 5:45pm

Submitted By:    Rona K. Smith

                           ABATE of Washington

                           State Secretary

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