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August 2008 ECOMM Meeting Minutes

by Secretary 10. August 2008 23:00

ABATE of Washington

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2008


Call to Order: 12:10

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call



(P) Coordinator· Mick Gillispie

(P) Secretary- Rona Smith

(P) Treasurer· Koeta Imhof

(P) Eastside Deputy Coordinator- Ron Voss

(P) Westside Deputy Coordinator – Dutch Phillips

(P) Ambassador At Large - Mike Campbell

(P) NCOM Ambassador - Chris Dulas

Chapter Reps

( ) Position 1 • Open

(P) Position 2 • Ed “Top” Baker

( ) Position 3 • Open

( ) Position 4 • Open

(P) Position 5 - Michelle Hanson



Agenda Changes: Motion to approve agenda with one modification, MSP


Acknowledgments of Guests:

Rosemary Fryer


Officer Reports


·          Membership Recruiter Program. MSP

·          Preamble word change from club to chapter. MSP

·          State to encourage Tri Cities Chapter to stay an active Chapter MSP

·          Take state/chapter Insurance to BOD MSP

·          Amended to have BOD give ECOM the vote of confidence in this matter MSP

·          Small discussion on combining the mailing envelopes that contains the new member card/patch with accidental death insurance information This will save postage on ABATE of Washington’s part because the insurance company pays the postage, ECOM would like to see new return address information prior to approving.



·          Submitting July '08 minutes for approval, MSP



·                    Financial Reports

·                    Motion to grant Marty Fox a business size ad in the state newsletter for no charge for as long as ABATE of Washington & NCOM have a relationship MSP

·                    Motion to amend agenda to move the newsletter report to this time MSP

·                    Motion to present 'newsletter 'bright paper printing and color' estimates to the BOD. MSP

·                    Suggested to include present cost of printing and ask for an estimate for the same upgrades from our current publisher.

·                    Motion to return to the agenda, MSP


Event Reports: Ron chairs the meeting

·                    Fall Swap Meet

·                    STEAM/BOD preparation, assign duties... still at the Gwinwood, Rona is not volunteering for the committee, but Rona will reserve accommodations and menus, Chris will stand in for the State Secretary during the break out session. Possible ceremony for swearing in of the Coordinators of the new chapters. Mick will order 'new Chapter gavels. Koeta will check on line for Roberts Rules of Order, and NK has the social end. Mick also committed to inviting Dan Evans to speak during Steam, Spoke about the agenda. Spoke about putting nominations in the newsletter and on the web after the categories/candidates have been chosen by the committee

·                    International Motorcycle Show

·                    Motion to increase Int. Me Show Membership Booth budget $350, MSP

·                    Black Thursday, Mick has no confirmation of location and date at the state capitol. He will notify us this week.

·                    Spring Opener, possible new location, could cost ABATE of Washington less money. Motion to advance the committee petty cash of $500, MSP

·                    Spring Swap Meet will be on  the 5th Sunday of March '09

·                    Freedom Run


Committee Reports: Dutch chairs the meeting

·                    Bylaw has nothing new to report.

·                    Communications, Dutch has started working with Rick. Nothing to report

·                    Products were not present. We discussed the printing machines, the large one does not work well and the little one that does cups, hats, and shirt sleeves does works. We also discussed the future of the machines. Chris will post an article in the newsletter accepting bids for the machines.

·                    Quartermaster discussed corporate records storage vs. the unit we have now and its location.

·                    Webmaster - discussion on troubles with hosting site and Tacoma site.

Ambassador At large:

·                    Mike updated us on the start up packs for new chapters, gave update on CGC, and then spoke about the American Legend. Mike attended a BOD meeting in Oregon and shared information with us.

NCOM Ambassador:

·                    The COC meeting is this week. NCOM regional this October.

Chapter Representatives:

Position 2: Ed “Top" gave us an update on Jay and Glenyce Concerned about the amount of chapter representatives we have and requirements for chapter representative. Discussed duties and responsibilities. Discussed finding options to improve the idea.

Position 5: Michelle will not be running for chapter coordinator, so she will be resigning There were no chapter updates to report.

Unfinished Business:

     1       Governor Candidate Forum, time is running out. Mick said John has no info to report.

New Business

1. BOD Attendance Compliance, Rona did not come prepared.

   Date of next ECOM: 12: P,M.               Locations TBA

September 28, October 25,

 November 29, December 20

Schedule of Meetinas & Events 2008

   September 7                     Fall Swap Meet- Enumclaw

   October 18·19                  STEAM/BOD Gwinwood

Good of the Order: Discussed Slate Sergeant at Arms position. Mick said he will talk to Stick to see if he is still interested

Mason County Chapter's 1st Poker Run is on September 6th


Adjourn Time: 5:20pm


Submitted By: Rona K, Smith, ABATE of Washington, Stale Secretary


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