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Tolling Commision email flood

by Webmaster 24. August 2010 07:08

To: All ABATE of Washington members

From: Mike Middleton – Communications Officer

RE: Multiple email alerts sent on August 23rd


I’d like to apologize to all our members for an email flood which I had triggered on August 23 which was titled “Letters to Tolling Commission”.

I had used a new mailer program which uses our membership list to send mails. There appears to be an issue which caused it to loop and resend the email multiple times to many of you. Thankfully, several of you quickly noticed this and contacted me to make me aware of this issue. I immediately disabled this mailer to prevent further floods and I am investigating alternatives to ensure this does not occur again.

I would like to thank those of you who contacted me last night as your phone calls and emails made me aware of this issue and enabled me to quickly act to prevent this issue from escalating further.

I will shortly be implementing an “opt-in” mail option on our website www.abate-wa.org where you can register your membership and set your mail preferences. When this option is available I will provide additional information and directions to our membership on how to register and opt-in/out of our email information and alerts service.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Mike Middleton

Webmaster and Communications

ABATE of Washington







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